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  • Major Tour Player
  • Mini Tour Player
  • Elite Amateur
  • Recreational Amateur


  • Elite Golf Coaching
  • Golf-specific Strength and Conditioning
  • Golf Specific Sport Science
  • 360 Degree Game Assessment
  • In Depth Video and Trackman Analysis
  • Reporting and swing/performance analysis data


  • Perfomance Physiology
  • Sports Nutrition - Nutrition Preparation and Delivery
  • Health and Performance Blood Tests
  • Sports Medicine
  • Cardiology
  • Radiology
  • Orthopaedics
  • Physiotherapy
  • Soft Tissue Therapy / Sports Massage
  • Golf rounds on any course in the UAE
  • Playing lessons with a professional golfer
  • Playing lessons with celebrity professional golfer
  • 3D swing analysis session
  • Business Class Flights
  • First Class Flights
  • Private Jet
  • 5 Star Hotel Accommodation
  • Luxury Chauffeur Service
  • Car Rental
  • Private Security
  • Social Arrangements

Elite Coaching
and Training Services

At First Performance Golf, we only work with the best. Our PGA licensed coaches are highly experienced and have worked with professional golfers as part of a players rehabilitation, injury prevention and conditioning programme. Our programmes are tailored to the specific players needs or we can carry out a programme provided to us and key elements include:

  1. Swing Analysis

    2D High Speed Video swing breakdown with comprehensive coaching on cause and effect - players will learn the specifics of their current movement and receive a tailored plan of action to make steps toward improvement
  2. 3D Motion Capture

    In depth movement analysis to conclusively diagnose all motion in the swing
  3. Trackman Data Capture

    Dual Radar Launch Monitor measures everything we need to know about the club and ball for each shot
  4. Practice Protocols

    How to structure your practice schedule to get the most out of your time specific to your strengths and weaknesses
  5. Speed Training Protocol

    Learn how to hit the ball further and gain club head speed
  6. Club Distance Measurement

    Learn the carry and total distance of every club in your bag
  7. Wedge Technique/Skill Assessment

    Analyzing chipping/pitching/bunker play and undergo a performance test to measure skill level
  8. Putting Analysis

    Technique will be assessed and tested with various putts of different breaks and distances
  9. Green Reading

    Various strategies, including Aimpoint Green Reading will be used to master the art of green reading
  10. Comprehensive Performance Report explaining all above areas will be presented in conjunction with practice/training plan

‘Swing Analysis’,
Medical, Sports Science

At First Performance Golf, we can look at the whole picture in terms of getting you, and keeping you, fit. Our specialists include globally leading PhD level performance scientists, and clinical doctors, who continue to work with professional athletes. Our tailored support services include:

  1. Performance Physiology

  2. Golf-specific Strength and Conditioning

  3. Sports Nutrition - Nutrition Preparation and Delivery

  4. Health and Performance Blood Tests

  5. Sports Medicine

  6. Cardiology

  7. Radiology

  8. Orthopaedics

  9. Physiotherapy

  10. Soft Tissue Therapy / Sports Massage



We want to make your experience with us truly memorable…for all the right reasons! We can take care of all your needs throughout your trip – from flight bookings, hotels room, rounds of golf and more. Just let us know…we’ll have it covered.

  1. Business Class Flights

  2. First Class Flights

  3. Private Jet

  4. 5 Star Hotel

  5. Accommodation

  6. Luxury Chauffeur Service

  7. Car Rental

  8. Private Security

  9. Social Arrangements

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